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What is the health insurance marketplace?

Also known as Obamacare or ACA (Affordable Care Act), the Health Insurance Marketplace is your gateway to obtaining personalized health insurance outside of your employer or if you’re self-employed.


  • More coverage than other plans (like short-term).
  • Coverage for preexisting conditions.
  • Most customers qualify for subsidies.
  • Wellness and preventive care covered at no charge.
Stethoscope on top of USA shaped sticker

A few reasons to enroll

1. You are self employed

Obtain your own insurance through the Marketplace.

2. No employer coverage

Enroll if your employer or your spouse’s employer doesn’t provide health insurance.

3. Need preexisting coverage.

All Marketplace plans cover preexisting conditions.

4.You retire early

Bridge the gap until you’re eligible for Medicare..

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How to enroll?

You have to enroll during open enrollment (Unless you are qualify for spacial enrollment) This period typically starts November 1 and ends at January 15 of every year (Subject to changes).

Here are q few ways to sign up:

When should you enroll:

  • During the annual Open enrollment Starting November 1 and ends at January 15. 
  • Any time of the year if you qualify for Spacial enrollment. 

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