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We gathered questions that we are often been asked. If you don’t find the answer to your question, just fill the question form and we’ll be happy to answer.

Individual & families Health insurance

Next open enrollment for individuals and families starts at November 1 and ends at January 15, You can enroll at than time to an individual or family health insurance through the marketplace for a start date of January 1.

If you apply after January 1, your insurance typically will start February first

You may be able to enroll earlier if you qualify for a Spacial enrollment period (SEP).

That is is a period (Normally 60 days) when you are allowed to enroll into a new health plan or change or change your current one, outside of the annual open enrollment. 

To be eligible to a spacial enrollment period (SEP) you need a life changing event to be triggered.


Common life changing events:

  • Change of household size (Child birth, gained marriage, got divorced).
  • You moved outside of your health plan area.
  • You lost your employer coverage.
  • Recently gain eligible immigration status.
  • Lost your Medicaid coverage.
  • Returned from relocation in another country.

Health insurance plans must cover all preexisting condition. This is where you can find them:

  • Contact us, we’ll be happy to help
  • Apply through the Health insurance marketplace (Or your state marketplace if your state runs it)
  • Off exchange: Directly from insurance company or broker.


  • Buying a short term medical plan (Most of them exclude preexisting conditions)
  • Buying supplemental and limited benefits plans instead of traditional coverage.

PPO and HOME are the most common types of health insurance you may choose from. There are more types of less common types such as POS and HSA.

Here are some features:

HMO: Health maintenance organization.

  • You typically require to choose a primary care physician.
  • You have to stay in network, except for emergency.
  • You require to obtain referral to see a specialist.

PPO: Prefer provider organization.

  • You don’t need to choose primary care doctor.
  • You can visit out of network providers, but usually at higher cost.
  • You can visit specialists without obtaining referral from your primary care provider.

Unless you qualify for a spacial enrollment, your options may be limited.

You may be able to purchase those type of plans:

  • Short term plans
  • Limited benefit plans

Term life insurance

No, there are many insurance companies that will based your approval based on your questions on the application.

However, if you are a pretty healthy individual you may want to consider applying with a company that require an exam. You may save more money.

When calculating life insurance death benefit you should take under consideration the following:


  • Make sure the death benefit can replace your income properly. A good amount to account for, is 10-12 times your annual income.
  • Make sure the benefit can pay off your mortgage.
  • Make sure the benefit can pay for your children college.
  • You can choose a term against the amount of years you have left on your mortgage (for example, if you have 25 more years to pay of your mortgage you can choose a 25 year term)
  • You can choose based on the amount of years your children need to rely your income (for example, if your youngest child is 4 years old, it will make since to choose a 20 year term. By then, your children most likely will work and make their own income)

We think you should, here is why.

Life happens, you may lose your job or just quit. If any of this scenarios occur, you are usually don’t get to keep your life insurance. To get your own insurance is a smart move since the older you get the more expensive it is to buy life insurance and your health is not likely to be as our youthful years.


That been said, we are not against you get your employer life insurance.  We recommend you get them both.


Questions about us

Not at all, We provide you all of our services for free. You won’t have to pay any fees to use our services.

We only get paid if we did a good job helping you to buy insurance. The insurance companies pay us commissions, that way, we can continue to give our services for free to you.

No, it is exactly the same.

To work with professional essentially will cost you nothing, which is hard to find in other industries.

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