Pinhas insurance

Cover the things the health insurance doesn't

Health insurance is necessary, but far from perfect. Supplemental coverage can complement your main insurance plan and give you some peace of mind.

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What it can help you pay

An unexpected medical event can destroy your finance, even if you have health insurance. Supplemental products may reimburse you for some or all your out-of-pocket costs on your main health insurance plan.

They can help pay for:

  • Your deductible: A supplemental plan can help you meet your deductible.
  • Your co-payments: Plans may help you cover the co-pays you are responsible for.
  • Your coinsurance: Your out-of-pocket costs doesn’t end with your deductible, you still may have to pay a portion of your medical bills after you met it.
Man walking on bridge with hand drawing a line on gap

Types of supplemental plans

Accident coverage

Accident plans will reimburse you for expenses related to injuries up to the policy limit.

Critical illness insurance

The plan will pay you a lump sum upon getting diagnosed with a life threatening sickness and few more conditions.

Fixed indemnity plans

Pay a daily fixed benefit for things like hospitalization, surgeries physician fees and more.