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Protect your family with term life insurance

Term life is the most cost efficient policy you can get. It is simple to understand and in many cases you won’t need to go through a medical exam.

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How term life works

Term life is an insurance policy that you keep for a set amount of time (Usually 20-30 years). It was design to bridge the gap from when your family is counting on your income, to the point when your children are grown, and you already paid off your mortgage and other debts you have.

  • You choose the benefit amount.
  • You choose the term, between 10-40 yours of coverage.
  • Apply for coverage and get results.
  • Get approved and start protect your family.
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How life insurance prices determine

There are quite a few factors that insurance companies taking under consideration when you are applying for an quote. Except for basic demographic here are some of the biggest once:

  • Your age: The younger you are the cheaper the policy.
  • Your Health: The more healthy you are the more you are likely to have a longer life span.
  • If you are a smoker: Insurance companies typically accept smokers but at higher cost.
  • The benefit amount: The bigger the policy pay out the more it cost.
  • Term period: In another works the length of the policy. For example, a 10 years term will cost less than 30 years term.

How can we help

Every situation is different and we don’t take one size fits all approach. Instead, we help you understand how much coverage you need based on your income and liabilities.

  • We help you determine how much coverage you need and the length of the policy.
  • We shop among many insurance companies to make sure your underwriting process will go smoothly while making sure to save you money.

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