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Find and compare Medicare supplements

Also known as Medigap, those plans will help you gap expenses that are not covered by original Medicare.

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Medigap plans

Medigap or Medicare supplements are design to cover expenses that are not covered by Medicare parts A&B like deductible, co-pays and coinsurance. (You must be enrolled in both part A&B in order to enroll in Medigap/Medicare supplements).


  • You can buy outside of open enrollment.
  • You can visit any provider that can bill Medicare.
  • Plan are guaranteed to renew as long as you keep pay your premium.
  • Some plans covers you outside of USA.

How to choose a plan?

All Medicare supplements policies are standardized, which means that all the insurance companies that sells it, must offer the same exact benefits on every plan type. (Not all states or carriers have all plan options).

  • Compare rates.
  • Compare plan types (letters A through N).
  • Find the insurance company financial strength. (You can through AM Best or Standard & poor rating agencies).

Things to consider

If you are turning 65:

  • You are in your initial enrollment period, you are guaranteed to be accepted for Medicare supplements without any medical underwriting.

If you are over 65:

  • You will most likely be subject to medical underwriting and will have to answer medical questions when sign up.