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Get a short term medical insurance

If you find yourself outside of open enrollment without health insurance or waiting for your job coverage to start, a short term major medical plan is a great way to gap your situation.

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Why should you get short term policy

Short term coverage isn’t for everyone but there are a few reasons why you may consider a purchase.

  • You are waiting for employer health insurance to kick in.
  • You lost your job and your health insurance with that.
  • You missed the annual open enrollment.
  • Traditional health insurance is too expensive and you are wiling to pass on some benefits to save money.
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Short term Pro's & Con's


  • Robust PPO Network available on most plans.
  • Typically more affordable than a traditional plan.


  • Not all plans cover wellness and preventive care
  • Plans are not subject to the Affordable Care Act.
  • Most plans exude preexisting conditions.

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