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Frequently asked questions

during our business hours, a licensed agent will reach out usually withing an hour after your request. You may schedule appointment the agent or get the quote right there and then.

Absolutely not, We aren’t a third party lead company, you got to the source. We will not sell your information to anyone. However, your information regarding your request for a quote will be shared with licensed in house agent that may reach out to you in a reassemble manner.

Yup, we will not charge you anything for our services that include free consultation with insurance experts, quoting multiple insurance companies, and policy admin work on your behalf.


You may wonder how we get payed… That’s fair, We get paid commissions by the insurance companies if we did a good job and helped you to obtain coverage.  That way we can comfortably keep provide you free services.


Lastly, prices we offer are exactly the same as you will get if you were to get the quote directly from the insurance company, so having an expert in your corner can really be beneficial.

Refael Pinhas is an experienced Independent insurance broker (and the owner of this site). He helped thousands of consumers with their insurance need.

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